The British Exporters Association (BExA) is an independent national trade association representing the interests of the export community and exists as a lobbying, promoting, educating and networking organisation for UK exporters and associated services providers. 

Latest News

BExA calls for 100% ECA cover to ease coronavirus crisis

Posted 3 Apr 2020
BExA is calling for changes to international rules to allow export credit agencies (ECAs) to provide 100% insurance cover for trade transactions, helping ease the pressure caused by the global spread of Covid-19. Read More

BExA in the news - "Exporters association urges UK gov to rethink rumoured DIT merger"

Posted 6 Feb 2020
BExA has been featured in a GTR article entitled "Exporters association urges UK gov to rethink rumoured DIT merger". Read More

BExA’s seminar on managing corruption risk: top takeaways

Posted 26 Nov 2019
As the 10th anniversary of the UK’s Bribery Act approaches, and with Brexit challenging UK exporters to look beyond the EU for new markets, BExA recently organised a seminar on how UK exporters can manage corruption risk in developing countries. Read More

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