BExA Charter



The British Exporters Association (BExA) is a not-for-profit unincorporated trade association that exists as a lobbying, promoting, educating and networking organisation for UK exporters and associated services providers.    BExA is governed by its Rules of Association (as adopted at an Extraordinary General meeting on 6th November 1995 and subsequently amended in May 2011, May 2018 and January 2020) which form the basis on which BExA runs and gives certain powers to the Council.

In joining BExA, all members agree to abide by the Rules of the Association and adhere to the principles of the BExA Members’ Charter, and re-affirm their commitment through the annual renewal of membership. 

The Rules are available to view and download in the Member area of the BExA website, or a copy can be requested by emailing the BExA Secretariat.

Rules of Membership

Membership of the Association is open to all companies and other organisations resident in the United Kingdom who export goods or services, or who provide assistance to such companies in the promotion and furtherance of export activities. (ref. Rule 4)   [Individual members may, exceptionally, be invited by Council into membership, subject to Rule 4 a) (i)]

Applications for membership, which should be made via the BExA website, are subject to approval by the Council, who have the right to refuse membership for any justifiable reason.   (ref. Rule 4)

Membership is on an annual subscription basis.  Subscription tiers and fees, which are determined by the Council and reviewed annually, are set out on the BExA website (ref. Rule 8)

Membership, which will commence following election and upon issuance of a fee invoice, shall run for a minimum of 12 calendar months.  No subscription or any part thereof shall be refundable.    In the event of any member failing to make payment within 30 days of an invoice date, BExA may suspend such member from taking part in the business of the Association until such payment may be made.   [ref. Rule 8]

Membership is on a continual basis, with the annual subscription fee automatically invoiced to the member organisation the month prior to the renewal date.  If a member wishes to resign their membership, written notice must be provided to the BExA Secretariat no later than 1 month prior to the renewal date otherwise they will be liable for the subscription for the ensuing year. (ref. Rule 8)   

Council shall have the right to expel any member whose conduct makes them no longer acceptable as a member of the Association (subj. to Rule 7). 

In the event of resignation or expulsion, all assets or association of BExA membership should be removed from member organisation material. 

Association Aims & Objectives

BExA aims to ensure that all UK exporters have access to the right UK Government products and services to identify, pursue and fulfil export opportunities. This includes easy access to the right financial products through UK Export Finance, the UK’s export credit agency.

BExA relies on the activeness of its membership base to enable it to continue to provide the sought after advice that has come to be expected from it.

BExA also relies upon a number of Sub-Committees and Working Groups led by the Chairmen and Council members to meet its aims and objectives. Progress of these Sub-Committees and Working Groups will be communicated to members through Council meeting minutes. Member participation is always welcome and should be coordinated through the BExA Secretariat.

The Objectives of BExA are detailed in clause 3 of the Rules of Association. 

In addition, BExA will:

  1. Ensure that the interests and needs of its members, regardless of geographic location, are understood and reflected throughout the association.
  2. Communicate to the members of BExA via: BExA member newsletters; BExA website; social media; events; e-mail; letters and at the Annual General Meeting.
  3. Promote new members, within one month of joining BExA, to the wider membership group via a BExA newsletter and on the Members area of the BExA website detailing the new member’s business activities and contact details.
  4. Not share members’ details with any third party organisations without prior permission.

Members will:

  1. Support BExA activities and lend their time, whenever possible, to campaigning and lobbying issues.
  2. Constantly strive to uphold and enhance the reputation of BExA by demonstrating exemplary standards in their professional conduct.
  3. Conduct their professional operations within the law.
  4. Refrain from marketing non-BExA services or events to other members without the express permission of the BExA Council.
  5. Not proactively market its own business when representing BExA.
  6. Only use the BExA logo to signify membership and not in any way suggest or imply that the logo represents any trade or professional standard.
  7. Maintain confidentiality when required to do so and comply with the provisions of the prevailing data legislation and BExA privacy policy.
  8. Treat their fellow members and BExA staff with respect.

Queries, complaints or comments

If you have any queries, complaints or comments about your membership or the Association in general, please submit in writing by letter or email which should be addressed in the first instance to the BExA Secretariat.   If you are dissatisfied with any response, you can ask for the matter to be referred to a member of the Executive Committee.

We take all complaints very seriously and will investigate thoroughly.  It is our aim to respond within 7 working days of receiving the complaint, but if for some reason a response is not possible within that time we will inform you without delay.


Updated 23 January 2020