BExA's Quarterly Risk Roundtable webinar - Session 1: ESG & Sustainability

On 30th March, BExA hosted its first Quarterly Risk Roundtable webinar.  The session focussed on recent efforts around ESG and sustainability as they relate to trade and exports, including developments in related practices, standards and financing facilities.

It examined the practical steps that businesses can and should be taking to ensure that progress on this front continues to be made, and addressed questions such as:

  • What is ESG and what does it mean for UK businesses?
  • Why is it important from a commercial as well as a reputational perspective that companies act now to embed sustainability into their business?
  • What are some of the risks for businesses around the increased drive towards ESG, and how can these be mitigated? How can smaller companies tackle the matter, given that they often lack the necessary resources to comply?
  • How can ESG efforts impact a company‚Äôs access to finance and support from UK Export Finance? What are some of the practical considerations and complexities around this?

The webinar was led by Mark Norris, Deputy Chairman of BExA and Chair of the Legal & Compliance sub-Committee, and moderated by Shannon Manders, Editorial Director at GTR.  Mark is a also a Partner at BExA member Sullivan & Worcester UK LLP.


Posted 7 April 2021

Watch the full webinar here: